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Down Payment Assistance Programs in California 
(show time is approx. 12 minutes)
with Wesley Oliver Broadview Mortgage Katella Office

Leveraging Your Real Estate Investment
(show time is approx. 12 minutes)
with Chebel Mina, Branch Manager, Broadview Mortgage Mission Viejo

Understanding Escrow   
(show time is 15 minutes)
with Jeannette Ewing

Jeannette Ewing – real estate veteran and colleague joins us to discuss the escrow process.
Jeannette wrote a terrific article on the topic called “A to Z: You Submit an Offer on A Home!” which was published as a chapter in the book, Straight Up Mortgage Talk.

What is Title Insurance? Why Is It Important?
(show time is 12 minutes)
with Debra Galli
 – TitleTeam.com

Title Expert Debra Galli of First American Title Company explains what Title Insurance is, and why it matters.

Broadview Community Access Loan Program
(show time is 15 minutes)
with Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison outlines the advantages of the Broadview Community Access loan program.

Understanding Your Credit
(show time is 15 minutes)
with Expert Doug Minor

We are grateful to have Credit Evaluation Consultant and Expert Witness, Doug Minor, on the show today to share his expertise.

Learn more about Doug at his websites for:
Consumer Servicesand his work as an Expert WitnessBuy Doug’s book by following this link:  Anatomy of Credit Scores.

Co-Signing on a Home Loan
(show time is 15 minutes)
with Kelly Marsh

Branch Manager of Broadview Mortgage Santa BarbaraKelly Marsh talks about when co-signing on a home loan can be a good strategy.

Thank you for your time, Kelly. Kelly is a powerhouse in the mortgage world, and Tim says, “If you live in the Santa Barbara area and need help with your home financing, CALL Kelly!

About The Book: Straight Up Mortgage Talk Radio with Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison joins host Elizabeth Alavarez to talk about the intent behind writing the book, 
Straight Up Mortgage Talk.

REALTOR REPORT with Crystal Freeman

Crystal Freeman
Shares her wisdom about today's market



REALTOR REPORT with Leslie Wilson
Buyer Wisdom for Today’s Market


Pilot SEASON: Straight Up Mortgage Talk Radio
Elizabeth Alvarez Shares A TRUE Tale